Amanda & Quintin

Quintin Jones and Amanda Elfers, who are engaged to be married, own the pub. They closed the Shaker Heights location in October 2015 because of all of the construction and redevelopment going on in that neighborhood. Then, a couple of their regular customers told them about the Cedar Lee Pub space. Jones and Elfers came by, thought it would be a great spot for their restaurant, called the building’s owner and rented the space.

Quintin “Q” Jones is Rudy’s chef, while Amanda Elfers serves as the bartender. The pub is named for Elfers’ great-uncle, Rudolph Volger, who died of tuberculosis at the age of 24, back in 1925. There are photos of him on the restaurant’s walls. “The image of my great-uncle always stood out to me, and the story of how he died at such a young age always moved me,” explained Elfers. “Rudy’s Pub sounded like a great name for a neighborhood bar, and now he’s back. We have his photo here on the wall, and he’s the center point of the restaurant.”

Visit Rudy's

  • Wednesday-Saturday
    open from 4pm-Close.

  • Sundays open from
    12pm-10pm. Inquire within
    for private events.